Aerial photography
Unmanned aerial vehicles with radio remote control, also known as drones, have recently gained a lot of popularity. They give the photographer great artistic freedom in terms of the viewing point and viewing angle. The...
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Photo editing
Unlike classic photography, digital photography comes with unparalleled opportunities for photo editing. Because of the editing programmes, photography is no longer limited to real images. The only limit is your own imagination. With the help...
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Photography with your phone
‘Photography with your phone? You cannot mean it,’ some would say. And they would probably be right. We all know that photos taken with the phone do not have the same quality as photographs taken...
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Black and white photography
Strange as it may seem, although colour photography has been around since the end of the 1920s, black and white photography has not lost its appeal to this very day. Quite the opposite, black and...
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The answers to your questions – how to take better pictures

Photography is a real time machine. Memories are the jet fuel for our dreams, and photography is its catalyst. Over time, our memories fade, but captured by the magic of photography, they return to us in all their glory and make us dream again and again. Even foreign stories and photos can inspire and encourage us for new adventures. Load up your time machine and… ON Focus!

In this book you will find useful tips – how and what camera and lens to choose, how to work with them and how to get the most out of the equipment in favor of your creativity. You will learn more about the main means of expression in photography – composition, colors, lighting, point of view… You will get acquainted with the photographic genres, as well as with different techniques while shooting. You will also encounter wedding, family, interior, event and other types of commercial photography. You will also touch on the most important things related to processing in the modern digital laboratory. Of course, all this will be supported by hundreds of original photos, explanations and analyzes. We wish you pleasant moments in the world of digital photography

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Depth of field (DOF)
DOF is an abbreviation from Depth of Field. It refers to the field...
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Camera settings
Most cameras of the lower consumer range, as well as many smart phones,...
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Wedding photography
A wedding is a happy and emotional event which only happens once in...
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Shooting motion
‘Without motion life is but a lethargy’ Jean-Jacques Rousseau ‘Being is movement.’ Plutarch...
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photographic genres

Night photography
Many beginner photographers manage easily with everyday family photographs with the help of...
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Portrait photography
Portrait photography is, generally speaking, photographing the human face and emotions it expresses....
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Interior photography
At first sight shooting interior may seem an easy and simple task, but...
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Landscape photography
Why do the same places shot by different people look so different in...
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