ETUDE: Sofia in blue hour

Blue hour is the time after sunset, but before complete darkness. This time is very suitable for photos, especially in urban environments. Because the sky is inky and the warm light from the buildings, from the headlights and taillights of the cars, from the street lamps, contrasts wonderfully against this blue-purple background. Unfortunately, this “hour” in our latitudes is not close to an hour – even on the longest summer days is about 15-20 minutes. So we need to be prepared in advance for these minutes.Let’s know when they are – there are applications for android that show in the respective day, in the respective place from how many to how many is the “blue hour”. Due to the low brightness, it is good to shoot from a tripod, but it is also possible at a higher ISO, with stabilized optics by hand. Some of the photos are taken with a drone, and if there is no wind, it stays stable in one place and allows you to take pictures at speeds of the order of 1-2 seconds.
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In this slide you can see photos from evening Sofia, taken in the blue hour.

Mavic Air, F-2.8, S-1 sec, ISO 100
Canon 5D III, F-4.5, S-1/20 sec, ISO 4000, Ps
Mavic Air, F-2.8, S-0.2 sec, ISO 100
Nokia Lumia F-2.4, S-0.1 sec, ISO 64
Canon 6D, F-4, S-1/40 sec, ISO 2500
Mavic Air, F-2.8, S-0.2 sec, ISO 100